Wasai Japanese Kitchen Review

Yesterday, a few friends and I tried the highly raved about Wasai Kitchen.

The restaurant itself was located on Field Street, a small side street off of the ever popular Gouger Street. 

Wasai had a really nice atmosphere, everyone was enjoying their food and talking. It wasn’t really loud or really quiet either. One plus would be that the staff didn’t look like they were being rushed. Rushed staff can end up with mistaken orders or bad service. 

The Order:
For a table of 4, we ordered: Sashimi set, Aburi Salmon Roll, Teriyaki Chicken, Takoyaki, a spicy pork and tofu hotpot with vegetables and the Tempura Roll. As for drinks, 2 bottles of apple cider, a light beer and a Tsunami.

The Food:
There were a few things that stood out for me in regards to the sushi. The rice was soft and sticky, which was much appreciated after what was broken, hard rice from Genki down Gouger. The seaweed wasn’t tough either, compared to Sushi Train where you would have a half eaten piece of sushi hanging out of your mouth because you couldn’t bite through the seaweed. The sashimi set was well presented and had a nice variety of fish to choose from. The Takoyaki though, aside from the sushi itself would have been the highlight of the meal. It was crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft in the inside. There wasn’t an abundance of sauce or flakes either. It was just right. The hotpot was alright, the soup/sauce after a few tastes reminded me of the Shin Ramyun soup base packet, except a bit spicier. Overall, the quality of the food was surprisingly good. 

The Restaurant:

Wasai Japanese Kitchen

9/15 Field Street, Adelaide SA 5000


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