Dresslink Haul

This is a very put off post about the haul I made towards the beginning of February. I know, I know. It’s April. So without further ado, here’s my haul.


Dresslink is a website that sells clothing at really affordable prices. For me, these were so cheap, that if they turned out to be really bad in terms of fabric, quality or design it would not be a bother.


Cropped Free-Flowing Jacket
Price: USD$6.12


This jacket has become one of my favourite pieces out of my whole entire jacket/cardigan collection. The cropped length of the jacket is perfect for me as I’m short. The flowy-ness from the jacket also doesn’t cut me off making me look shorter, which is great. The fabric is quite thick, it’s definitely warmer than a normal cardigan which is good for those slightly colder days.
Aztec Cardigan
Price: USD$8.48
As much as I would like to say that I love this cardigan, I don’t. The pattern is really nice and it’s very warm as well but for me, the cardigan was just way too big. It comes up to my mid-thigh which is way too long for my liking. Also the actual cardigan itself is so big and chunky; it just drowns me completely. The batwing sleeves don’t make it any better, it just adds to the width of the cardigan. I understand that the cardigan is oversized but on my body, it just doesn’t look right. 
Printed Skirt (White Version)
Price: USD$5.55
This skirt is just the cutest and is something that I would wear. It’s what I thought it would be. Although I am uncomfortable with the elastic strap, I would rather prefer a zip. 
Leather Jacket (Black)
Price: USD$18.72
This leather jacket has a love-hate relationship. I love the jacket to bits, everything is what I thought it would be. The one thing that really affected me more than what I thought it would is the fabric.The fabric is very flimsy but sturdy and seems like it would rip easily. Then again, I only paid around $20 for it so I’m not very surprised. The cut of the collar is not very flattering but that might just be on me though. 
Symmetrical Plaid Dark Grey Shirt
Price: USD$6.12
This is the worst of the bunch. The measurements were very off and the fabric distribution of the shirt is just ugh. The back piece of fabric joining to that of the dark grey piece, joins at the front of the shoulder, rather than on the shoulder itself. The silhouette of the top is just horrible. The shirt just gets bigger and bigger (imagine a triangle). You can’t really clinch in the waist with the a belt either to make it look right. I’m not sure if you can tell but the dark grey at the front is smaller in width than the top, which results in the fabric that is supposed to be at the back in the front.
I chose economy shipping with tracking but honestly, the extra money that I paid for tracking wasn’t worth it. The provided tracking website did not update the whereabouts of the package even when it had arrived at its destination. The location of the parcel was updated within the first week or so but after that, the tracking was useless. Even now on their website, the package has not been delivered yet.
I would buy from them again, but I would not utilise their shipping with tracking. I understand that the amount you pay for items, (sometimes) reflects the quality of the product. You get what you pay for. 
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I was not contacted by Dresslink to review their products.

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