Fairy Drops Platinum (Film Type) Mascara Review

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara in the Film Type.



I’ve been holding off to do this review as I really wanted enough time to test out this mascara. I don’t know about anyone else but when I use mascaras I tend to use them a few times then switch, as I find them not working as well as I had initially thought. That didn’t happen with this mascara though, I used this for almost a month straight. I absolutely love it.


Fairy Drops Mascara Film Type


I was on the hunt for this mascara for some time and I was so excited to receive the mascara. The packaging won me over the moment I opened the case. It is silver with pink detailing, it’s cute and chic yet doesn’t scream ‘I’m a total princess and love all things pink’.  The silver colour makes the pink pop, yet gives the mascara a neutral vibe.


  Fairy Drops Mascara Film Type 1Fairy Drops Mascara Film Type 2 wand


The brush itself is quite special, like most of Fairy Drops’ other mascara wands, it is shaped differently. I was very skeptical about the wand when I first saw but after using the product, I was completely swayed. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The curved wand makes getting all the lashes easy peasy. As it is shaped with the eye shape in mind, the wand tries to coat every lash with the product.  For my eye shape, some of the tiny lashes right on the outer corner aren’t as coated as the other lashes but for me that’s good enough, nothing a few coats can’t handle.


The formula for the mascara is to die for. It is by far the best lengthening mascara I own (although that isn’t saying very much since my mascara collection is very sparse). It makes such a difference, at least on my eyes. The wonderful thing is also the removal process. To remove the product, I use my Laneige Deep Cleansing Oil Moisture, which is just an ordinary make up removing oil. Just massage then wash with water. I have also successfully removed this mascara with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. Its so easy and doesn’t require a separate eye makeup remover to make it budge.


I highly recommend this product in terms of lengthening and easy removal.





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