❅ Winter Essentials ❅

August has well and truly arrived and with it the excitement that is Spring. As winter is almost just about gone. I’d like to share with all of you some of my much needed products for the winter time.


1. Hot Drinks

Whether tea or coffee is your choice of beverage, a warm fuzzy drink is a must. This winter I’ve been drinking warm water quite often. It just makes me feel all warm and happy. For drink recommendations, I’ve been enjoying Gongcha’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea and the Ginseng tea from Dahae(?) in Melbourne. That was the first time I’ve had Ginseng tea and I really enjoyed it.

2.Lip Balm

To avoid those chapped dry dehydrated lips, lip balm is a staple in my book. This winter has had an awful affect on my skin, drying it out more than usual. This could be really seen on my lips, thankfully lip balm came to the rescue 🙂 Without it my poor lips would never be the same. Some product recommendations include: Nivea’s Fruity Shine lip balm in Strawberry and Carmex’s Moisture Plus.

3. Scarf

I love scarves. They can make any outfit look chic, put together and complete. Its just a bonus that they happen to keep you warm too. For a chic look to a plain outfit, a leopard print scarf will do the job but if you’re not that adventurous then a coloured scarf will do.


I’m always a bit lazy with body lotion but this winter, I’ve really gotten into the habit into using it. It makes my skin feel soft and smell nice. Say good bye to dry skin. My favourites this winter is The Body Shop’s Mango Body Butter, Natio’s Orange Blossom Body Lotion and Victoria Secret’s Girls’ Night in Flirty Peony and Waterlily. To hydrate any super dry spots where lotion isn’t just cutting it, use Vaseline or Paw Paw Ointment on that spot for a few days and viola!

5.Bold nail polish

Winter drags out the inner darkness in regards to clothes. Everyone has their favourite black or grey jacket. . . Even with navy and maroon starting to be recognised as neutral winter colours, the palette is quite dark. For me, a nail polish addict, colourful nail polish just makes me happy. Instead of a statement head piece or necklace this winter, why don’t you opt for a statement nails? They’re lots of fun and versatile. My favourite this winter has been the iconic Mint Candy Apple by Essie and Cute as a Button also by Essie or The Face Shop’s GR505 (which is a lime green shade).


My feet get so cold in winter so Uggs are my best friend during this time of year. They keep my feet warm and they’re so comfortable. What more can you ask for?

These are my winter essentials, share some of your staples in the comments below.


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  1. It’s summer where I am, but fall is quickly approaching! My favorite things to wear during the colder months have got to be over sized sweaters and thick infinity scarves!

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