Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tint Review

Today I’m going to review Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tint. Those who follow my blog will know that I mentioned this product in my Korean Cosmetics Haul #1.

Artitaum Honey Melting Tint

For the past few months these tints are or possibly, the most popular lip balm products in the korean market. These tints come in 10 shades, from muted colours to the bolds and brights. They’ve been so popular that Aritaum has released another 6 limited edition shades for the summer, well our winter and the northern hemisphere’s summer. From the image below, it isn’t hard to guess what Korea’s colour for summer is orange ^^.



The product has simple and effective packaging. The packaging is made out of plastic and as you can see the cap is an almost identical colour to the product itself, which is a plus. The cap colouring system is very practical and convenient. I really don’t want to looking through my entire lip draw every morning in items to find the lip colour that I want. The lid itself is very secure and closes with a click. The product comes out by turning the upper section of the tube as well. The glossy finish of the tube is a downside (at least for me) as it tends to be prone to fingerprints and product that is on your fingers when touching the tube (such as concealer and foundation).



The colour I chose was No. 10 Bitter Rose, which is a lovely muted rose colour. The colour is quite similar to Rimmel’s Apocalips in 101 Celestial, except Bitter Rose is more on the deeper orange/red side, compared to the pink of the liquid lipstick. This colour is a tiny bit brighter than my actual lip colour but it is a close match. It’s not a very bold colour as you can see but its nice for everyday since it is quite natural. The pigmentation is not fantastic but it more pigmented than some of my other coloured lip balms.The product is buildable, making it more bold and strong compared to the 1 layer. Although the colour is buildable, I personally tend to go for 1 or 2 layers for a natural look.



The formula of this product is absolutely lovely. What I also love is that once applied, the product has a slight sheen without being sticky, which tends to happen with some of the lip products in the market. It is also a  creamy and hydrating product. With it being winter right now in Australia, my lips are drying out and starting to get patchy. This product moisturises the lips and doesn’t emphasise any dry patches that you might have like the Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial will do. The product is quite long lasting which is a bonus. For me, the product can last about 3-4 hours before reapplication which is great. Since it is a tint, the product slightly fades in opacity over time through eating and drinking but there is still colour from the tint on your lips.

The only downside that I can share to you all is the scent. It has a rather strong rose scent, which really put me off. I don’t really like pure floral scents so I didn’t like the product when I first opened the lid . Even now the scent still bugs me but it doesn’t affect me as much, I’ve learnt to tolerate it (I still scrunch my nose up when it gets strong though). I’ve read a few other reviews on this product and I’ve heard that the scent changes from tint to tint depending on the name (i.e. No. 5 Apple Tart would be in an apple scent). I would like to add that if this wasn’t the case and this particular scent was applied to all of their lip products. I would not hesitate to not buy any more of the Honey Melting Tints. Luckily it wasn’t and I might end up buying a few more colours if I come across them again.


This is one of my favourite products, ever since I received it in the mail. Its truly a “my lips but better colour”, at least for me. The tint is moisturising and can last for a long time before re-application which is also a bonus. For me the only negative factor would be the scent, which is purely subjective since it depends on the person using the product and whether or not they like the strong rose fragrance.


WHERE TO BUY: Kpoptown (or on GMarket)

PRICE: $8.45 (Kpoptown) or $5.89 (GMarket)

Share your experiences and thoughts with Aritaum’s Honey Melting Lip Tints in the comments below. 

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