L❤VES: H&M Scarf

Hi guys! I’ve decided to start a monthly post corner titled ‘L❤VES’, this way I can share with you something that I’ve absolutely been in love with for the past month, hence the name. I thought that sometimes reviews can be a bit dull and follow the same similar pattern again and again, so this segment is born 🙂 These posts will be about anything that I’ve been loving from technology to fashion to even food. It’ll allow me to share more products or services with you, without being restricted by a review sorta format. I think that these posts will give you all more of a sneak peak into my personality and even my life.

Okay! Let’s get the ball rolling. Does anyone even say that anymore? hahaha. This month’s L❤VES is a H&M scarf.



I am in love with this scarf. As it is a scarf, it can make any outfit a bit more fuzzy and comforting. The patterned flowers give it a feminine touch. I bought this thinking that I could make a plain winter outfit a bit more interesting. My wardrobe has lots of black clothes and I’m more inclined to wearing darker colours in winter (a habit i’m trying to change, slowly). A white patterned scarf would go well with monotone coloured outfits. It gives the outfit something to look out for; a subtle statement piece. The material is quite nice as well, it’s quite light for the amount of fabric that it’s made out of. Nothing like the similar infinity knit scarves that are going around. Ever since I’ve bought it, I haven’t really touched any of my other scarves. Last winter I was all about the chic leopard print scarf, this year it’s all about the flowers.

Price: AUD$9.95

Store: H&M Store in Melbourne

What have you been loving this August?

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  1. I was looking for this scarf. Could u pls check and advise the product code shown on the tag? I can then check the availability in the store. Thanks!!

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