Harvest Box Review

Sorry guys for the delay, I’ve just been swamped with uni and life in general. I’m planning on getting a few more posts in this month compared to last month. With my end of year exams coming up this month, I’ll try my best post more often.


Harvest Box is a weekly healthy snack subscription box that can be sent to your house or office. This is guilt free snacking option for those who are on the go. These boxes are AUD$7.95 per box including shipping.  This service allows you to pick the day of the week that you want it to be delivered to your door. On the first week, instead of receiving it on Friday, I got it on Tuesday.

SAMSUNG CSCThe boxes will look something like the image above. Encased in a cardboard box, are 4 snack options which can last you around 4 days depending on when you eat. The 4 options I’ve received are Spiced Up, Great Wall, Big Easy and Fruit and Nut.


Spiced Nut: peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cane sugar, sea salt, garlic spices and rosemary.


Great Wall: roasted almonds, goji berries, milk chocolate and sunflower seeds.


The Big Easy: Roasted peanuts, white mulberries and pecans.


Fruit and Nut: Roasted hazelnuts, flame raisins and dark chocolate.SAMSUNG CSC

I think these are a really good option for those who are looking for healthy prepackaged snacks. It’s really convenient since all of the boxes are delivered straight to your door. The snacks aren’t too filling or not filling enough they’re the right amount. This is a good monitored snack system for those who are more health conscious or for those who are trying to control the portions they eat.

The only downside about these boxes is that you’re not allowed to choose which ones you like to be delivered, since the options are randomly chosen every week. So there would be no choice, but this is usually the drawback of most subscription boxes. I would purchase these boxes again if I know before hand how stuck on time i’d be that week foodwise. Then again it could still be a bit expensive considering the actual amount of fruits and nuts you would be receiving.

All in all, I would not purchase the Harvest boxes again unless, I am really stuck on time to purchase food/snacks that week since I do go past a Charlesworth to get to uni everyday.

For, those who want to try out the Harvest Box, I’ve also got a coupon code for half price off the first box ($3.95!): 92854P0XBJU

I was not contacted by Harvest Box.

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