Etude House’s Play 101 Pencils Review


Etude House, is an affordable korean cosmetics and skincare brand has recently released their Play 101 pencils. I’ve purchased a few of them to test them out. Keep on scrolling to read about my experience with these pencils.

These pencils come in 50 colours as well as 10 limited edition shades. They vary according to texture and purpose. The pencils can be used as concealer, blush, contour, lip colour, eyebrow pencils as well as eye shadows and liners. They claim to be ultimate multi-tasking product. Below is a chart of the original 50 shades and their proposed uses.

Pony also models the product, increasing the hype for the product. Park Hye Min more commonly known as Pony is a makeup artist and model who shares various makeup tutorials and makeup trends.She has become so well known that she has released 3 makeup and beauty based books. Pony utilises these pencils to create various looks as seen below and through the video tutorials.


Pony has a show on the Youtube channel InsiteTV where she demonstrates makeup tutorials using a combination of western and asian brands. They also have english subtitles which is extremely helpful for international viewers.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


SAMSUNG CSCThe Etude House pencils are packaged similar to eyeliners, hence the ‘pencil’ in their name. The pencils are a matte dark grey colour with a baby pink font. All of the pencils come colour coded at the bottom which is also a sharpener. The pencils are retractable and can wind up by twisting the section above the sharpener. The pencils are light and sturdy. I don’t think it’ll come apart on  me anytime soon. The lid closes shut with a click which is helpful as you know that it won’t come off by itself.



From the collection, I bought 4 pencils as you can already tell. I purchased No.1, No.4, No.5 and No.46. These pencils are numerically coded and don’t have a colour specific name to each individual pencil. I wanted to show you guys what the colours would look like in the sunlight (bottom of the swatches in photo 1) compared to when there is no sunlight shining on them (photo 2).

No.1 is a dark deep black colour. I bought this particular colour so that I could use it to compare with my existing black eyeliners. Plus no one can have too many eyeliners. No. 4 is a glittery pink colour. I underestimated how glittery these pencils were going to be. I thought that it would be on the shimmery side with some glitter but nope. The glittery pencils are glittery. The pink colour makes the glitter seem more natural and toned down compared to No.5. No.5 is a glittery shade but is more yellow toned. The yellow colour makes the overall shade seem more bright which is what I was looking for. I wanted a bright glittery colour for when I would go out and want a bit more of a glamorous look. The last colour that I purchased was No.46. Number 46 is yet another glittery colour but it is more subdued almost to the point it looks shimmery. I initially thought this colour would be a brown colour with a rose tinge to it but it turned out being a light brown with golden shimmer. A similar colour to this is except not as orange, is the first colour in the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette in 01.


These pencils have no claims when it comes to how waterproof or smudge-proof they should be. I expected them to have not much lasting power. So, I was surprised when they lasted the whole night of bar hopping. All 4 of the shades survived although the glittery shades (No.4 and No.5) had some fallout throughout the night. I bought No.5 with the intention of using it on the inner tearduct section of my waterline but when I did, glitter got into my eye and that was not a pretty sight. (When I was having dinner with the girls, I was so tempted to start rubbing my eye to get the glitter out. Eeek)

The pencils take about 10 seconds to set, some would claim that it would take too long or wasn’t long enough. When I applying them onto my eyelid, I felt like that time period was too long and I smudged the black colour (which I was using as an eyeliner) about 3 times. That just might be me being impatient though.

Once these pencils set, they are smudge-proof. Not 100% smudge-proof but enough that when I touched my eye area, nothing moved or transferred onto my finger, except maybe some excess glitter. I would just like to note as well that the glittery colours are easier to remove than the matte black. For the swatches I used the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad, I would be able to remove No.4, No.5 and No.46 with a few swipes without any tugging whilst the matte black shade (No.1) needed some serious muscle to remove it. I opted to use the Laneige Lip & Eye Remover (Waterproof) instead which is what I used at the end of the night when I tested these out. Also after removing the glitter colours remember to cleanse your face, since there will still be glitter on there despite removing the product already.


The pencils are affordable and are surprisingly long-lasting. They are convenient for traveling if I didn’t have enough room to pack any of my eyeshadow palettes. All in all, I would buy a few more of these pencils to try out in the future. I would like to try out some of the shimmery type pencils as well as some of the brighter lip or cheek pencils. I should have not bought two of the glitter shades, since they were so similar. I think these pencils have made me consider and more curious about using cream-type products since I have mostly powder-type products in my makeup collection.

Although these pencils were marketed as multi-purpose pencils, the shade range indicates that the intended use would be for the eye, cheek and lip products. If Etude House were to release more skin tone colours, they have the potential to be more versatile than they currently are.  The additional colours could be used as contour or concealing pencils as well.

Where to Buy:

Price: USD$6 per pencil


All products were purchased by me. I was not contacted by to review their products.

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  1. I have two of these pencils. I have #5 and #12. Even thought it says they can be used in various ways, like blusher, lip, eye-shadow and etc. I can only use #12 for lips… I wanted to use the pencils for eyes but they really irritate my eyes.. 🙁 The #5 glitter gets into eyes and my eyes get teary and after they become puffy… And I really like the colours.. :/

    1. Thats a bit disappointing. It would convenient if the brighter shades could be used multiple ways. ouch! #5 got into my eye as well. Having an irritated eye is not fun 🙁

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