L❤VES: Floral Skirt


I bought this particular skirt from a store called NK Fashion. It’s one of those asian stores which sells going out and clubbing attire. From memory I got this for AUD$26 which was reduced from 30 something dollars. So not too bad. This skirt was bought on whim because of an event that night. Even so, it has been so worth it. I’ve worn this out so many times. As the colour is a dark black navy it can be used to a variety of outfits. I’ve been wearing it with black crop tops, which makes the flowers stand out a bit more. It’s a versatile piece. You can dress it up with a statement necklace and black tee or dress it down with a loose plain tee and a casual jacket.

Sorry for the not so great photos, my camera hasn’t been working and needs to be repaired so I’ve been using my phone.

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