L❤VES: Felt Tip Pens

Hi guys! It’s been some time since I’ve blogged but it’s official I am back! It’s been 3 months since I posted the update post  🙁  My life has been a whirlwind but now everything is under control and I’m back on my blogging game. Since it is the beginning of June, it’d just like to point out, where has time gone?! I swear it was only the beginning of May not too long ago. I’m going to end my hiatus period with a L❤VES. This month as you’ve guessed from the title I’ve been obsessed with felt tip pens, especially ones from Kikki.K and Stabilo. I used to use felt tip pens like crazy when I was about 13ish before I converted myself to a ballpoint pen user. I’ve recently rediscovered them and oh my goodness I have no idea why I stopped using them in the first place. The fine nib makes writing comfortable and you don’t have to put a lot of pressure when writing to get a deep dark intense colour. Speaking of colour, these pens come in a variety of colours.

credit: Stabilo AU

The Stabilo pens come in 25 different colours while the Kikki.K come in 10 different colours. Those are a lot of pens to choose from! These pens have been so useful recently as I’ve been using them to take notes at uni. The fun colours make note taking fun and enjoyable plus your notes will look good as well. I have exams coming up this month and these pens have been so handy in keeping my notes organised. I learn the best visually so colourful notes are so useful for memorisation and rote learning. I’ve completely replaced by pencil case with felt tip pens and I love it ^^

credit: Kikki.K AU

The only thing that is different between the two brands aside from the colour selection is the shape of the pen itself. The Stabilo pens are hexagonal shaped while the Kikki.K pens are oval shaped. Both of these pens were designed to fit ergonomically with your hand when writing. For me personally, both of these brands fit with my writing posture regardless of shape. However, if you are iffy about how pens feel and how comfortable they are I would suggest going into a Kikki.K store or Stabilo kiosk to try out the pens yourselves (if they are close to where you live). Otherwise just purchase 1 pen from each brand to try out. The brands are also different in price, the Kikki.K pens are the more affordable option with a single pen priced at AUD$1.50 and a full set of 10 pens is priced at AUD$12.95. From memory I think the Stabilo pens are around the AUD$2-$3 mark each. Stabilo offer a wide variety of sets for felt tip pens so the prices with vary according to the type of set bought. They even have a set of mini felt tip pens which I am resisting to buy but they’re just so cute! You can find my favourite Stabilo ones here or the Kikki.K ones here.

What have you been loving last month?

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