NOTW: Lavendery Moods


Grow Stronger (Base Coat and Couche Base) – Essie

I’m Such a Budapest – O.P.I

Top Coat – Essie

I’m Such A Budapest is a gorgeous lavender colour that is more cool toned than No.17 Lavender by Scandal which is more warmed toned. Full opacity took 3 coats which I find is the usual for most nail polishes I encounter. The polish isn’t streaky either when applied which is great. A highly recommended nail polish.

This was my first time using the Grow Stronger base coat and I absolutely hate it. The smell is the most noticeable issue even before I started applying it. It smells like crushed up paracetamol tablets but stronger. For someone like me who struggles with taking tablets, this smell is not something I particularly enjoy. The polish itself isn’t clear but rather milky which is something that I don’t mind with my base coats but could cause an issue with some. Application for the base coat wasn’t anything unusual just a normal topcoat. The smell was the make it or break it moment for me and it just didn’t cut it. I don’t think I’ll be using the base coat again.

Melanie xx

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