Why Volunteer?

Hi everyone! I’m back with a post all about the benefits of volunteering! In the past year alone I’ve given up my time for 5 volunteering gigs. 3 of which lasted over 6 months! I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I do enjoy volunteering. Below I share with you guys why I volunteer and hopefully it might persuade you to do some volunteering.


Volunteering helps you contribute to the greater good one small act at a time. Whether you are helping an animal shelter, volunteering for an organisation, doing promotional work, volunteering at music festivals; there are a ton of options out there! With a positive attitude and a friendly smile you’ll be doing some good.

Gain new skills

Aren’t good with making small talk? Not experienced in customer service? Never had to manage a team? Want to be more social? Volunteering allows you to put what you learn at into a real world environment. It also helps you can new skills that you never knew that you had. Closet Comedian anyone?

Open the doors

You don’t realise it but when you’re volunteering you gain valuable skills. Skills that you aid your employability. In my university’s fortnightly careers email, there’s a section on volunteering. It’s as simple as applying from there! Not in uni? Seek Volunteering Australia has a wide range of opportunities. Volunteering also gives yourself, the volunteer a good image for being proactive and willing to learn.


While volunteering I’ve met a wide range of people from all walks of life. By rubbing shoulders with people that have valuable connections, you’ll be able to gain some insight into the industry from a professional. The advice they could give you is priceless. I’ve met people in my industry before and it’s been fun talking about the things you love and enjoy.


By volunteering, you’ll feel the satisfaction of gaining perspective and learn to put the needs of others first. You’ll be able to enhance your employability, through skills and experience that you wouldn’t have otherwise gained. You would have made a difference.

Would you  volunteer?

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