5 Ways to Entertain Yourself on A Long Flight

Good morning! Here are my 5 ways to keep entertained on a long haul flight.

  1. Read or listen to a book. With the rise of audio books and e-books, people can now read (or listen) a book without the hassle of lugging around a physical copy. Long haul flights are perfect for a good ‘olereading session. They occupy your mind and can quickly pass the time.
  2. Draw or doodle. A plane gives someone enough time to relax and not stress out. One of my best stress reliving activities is to mindlessly doodle and draw.
  3. Sleep. What better thing to do to pass the time than have your head in the clouds? Who says no to extra snooze time?
  4. Play games. Whether using the in-flight entertainment or with your own device, a long haul flight is good for beating that level on Candy Crush that you’ve given up on.
  5. Write. You can write about what inspires you, what made you go on the trip in the first place. It’s a time for you to grab some pen and paper and just write.

Don’t forget you can also watch movies or a series you’ve been eyeing on, as well!

What do you do on a long haul flight?

I usually bring a pen and a notebook with me on the plane, that way I can write, doodle or whatever I feel like doing. I also have a soft spot for games. I usually download a whole bunch on my ipad then go through them.

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