Biore’s UV Ultra Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA+++) Review

Today I’m going to introduce you all to my holy grail sunscreen. I’m super excited and pumped to share this product as it is amazing.

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The sunscreen is packaged in a standard plastic tube container, with a twist open lid. It’s very functional which is what a product like sunscreen needs. The squeeze bottle allows you to control the amount of product that you want to apply and the twist open lid makes sure that there is no spillage or accidents. It contains 50g worth of product which is quite a small amount. Even though a little of the product goes a long way, with a product like sunscreen which requires daily application (sometimes even more than once!), the bottle empties quicker than you’ll realise.


The name Watery Essence perfectly describes the consistency of the sunscreen.  It is easily absorbed into the skin like an essence and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. As the sunscreen is water based it doesn’t have that “heavy feel” after applying and drys clear; it’s very light.  A little of the product also of this product also goes a long way. A pea sized amount would be enough for your entire face.

As for the scent, it has a citrus fragrance which doesn’t linger at all. Which is good since I’m sure no one wants their face to smell like an orange.

To my knowledge, there is also a new 2015 version which I have yet to get my hands on. If the formula hasn’t changed much then I’m sure I’ll enjoy it just as much as the regular version that I’ve been using all these years.


I’ve repurchased this product again and again. My current bottle is my 5th one at least. My only peeve would be the price. As it is only available in Japan, the price for this sunscreen can vary depending on where you buy it from. My local asian cosmetics store sells this for $16.95 which is a bit steep for only 50g of product. I’m sure you can get it at a more affordable price online through eBay but the convenience of buying it instore sometimes beats the waiting time of a parcel.

How often to you wear sunscreen?

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