Missha’s Wonder Woman Lipstick Review



Translation (L-R): M Perfect Cover BB Cream, Magic Cushion, 3D/4D Mascara, *New* Eye Colour Studio, The Style Rouge’ed(?) Nail Polish, M Matte Lip Rouge and M Glossy Lip Rouge.


In this limited edition collection, there are 2 lip stick shades both of which I have. The first is the Matte Lip Rouge with SPF17.


The second is the Glossy Lip Rouge also with SPF17.


Okay! Enough with the press releases and onto the review.



The product is in a plastic case but it doesn’t feel flimsy. The lid is secure as it shuts with an audible click. Speaking about lids, the transparent lid is very useful as it makes choosing which colour you want easy. I wish more companies would start using transparent lids. I also like the overall design with the colours. I’m glad they stuck with the traditional Wonder Woman-esque colours. Makes it easy to find in your handbag or on the shelf.


P1030984 P1030987

I’ve purchased both colours that are offered in this collection: the orange shade in the glossy formula and the pink shade in the matte formula. Ideally I would love the glossy formula shade to be pink but it’s alright, as it forces me go out of my comfort zone. I feel as though these shades would look better on someone who has a pale complexion at least paler than me (medium). It would look somewhat more natural on them than on me where they look a bit off.

The glossy lipstick is very shiny and saves the hassle of applying lip gloss on top of your existing lip product. The product isn’t long lasting as you’ll have to reapplying it after eating and drinking which is a downside. The matte shade is hydrating enough that on initial application there is no dry patches but as time passes you can tell that your lips are dry. To counter this make sure your lips are hydrated before applying the lipstick.

The colours on the press release aren’t true to colour, most korean press releases aren’t especially with lip sticks. The orange shade is more of a true orange than a pinky-orange like the press release displays so keep that in mind.


As I only bought the lipsticks because of the packaging, I didn’t expect much. If you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day, the shades offered and can find them easily, then give these a go!


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