Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing a new highly sought after lip product: Innisfree’s Flower Eco Tint! I was very excited to be trying these out that I went a head and bought 3 shades out of the 5 shades.


These tints are super cute and compact. They are about the same size as a lipstick which is handy for popping into your bag for on the go use. The quick and easy doe-foot applicator makes applying these products a breeze. A downside to these tints is that there is a chance of spillage in your bag if the lids aren’t screwed on properly. This risk is common and is likely to happen to any tint in the market. You just have to make sure that the lid is screwed on tight!


(L-R): Eco Camellia Tint, Eco Balsam Tint, Eco Rose Tint

All 3 of the tints are quite sheer and give off a natural effect which is what you want in a tint. Even the coral/orange shade suited my skin light-medium skin tone! Which is especially rare for an orange based lip colour as they usually wash me out and look odd on me. So, I’m glad I could get my hands on these. The above picture of the swatches are of one swipe (albeit very messy for the last 2), so they do have decent pigmentation just enough to give a nice wash of colour rather than a contrasting look.

The tints are very drying and are not as hydrating as the Eco Fruit Tints which are the typical tints that are very watery such as the Etude House Dear Darling (Water) Tints. Although I don’t have those particular ones to compare with, I do have the Innisfree Eco Fruit Tints whose review will have a more in-depth comparison. Once applied after about 3-4 hours you can feel your lips peeling which isn’t a good sign. These Flower Tints also taste very sour and generally not very nice which is also another downside. As the Eco Flower Tints are drying they are not very long lasting either which is a shame.

Other users of this product have said to put on lip balm prior and after the initial application but that then defeats the purpose of a lip tint as it becomes a lip balm.


I was excited to try these out since they have such pretty colours and look really good on the lips. What really let the product down was that it is super drying (and I don’t even have dry lips), fade quickly and aren’t long lasting at all. Therefore, I would not be repurchasing and would not recommend.

This tint can be found here from Innisfree’s official shop. I recommend shopping from there if you can as their dispatch times are quick and they have 3 shipping options to choose from including EMS!

I was not sent this product from Innisfree for review purposes.

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