When Friendships Change.

Today, I’ve decided to write about an issue that everyone encounters; friendship. There’s a saying that says friends are like wine, they’re better as time goes on (or something like that). I’ve recently had 2 experiences; one positive and one negative and thought I would share it with you all. I’m sure we’ve all been through similar things at one point or another.

These are the moments we cherish.

I’ve recently reconnected with some old friends that I’ve drifted apart from. When we re-connected, it was as though nothing had changed. We still knew each other like the back of our hands despite all the time apart. This is what I love about friendship, the fact that our time spent apart and living our own lives didn’t change who we are deep down. That our different experiences that we thought changed us didn’t change us that much. It’s the moments like these that make me really appreciate the people who are (and aren’t) in my life. That despite time, space and distance we are still able to get along and for a moment turn back time.

The rude awakening.

It is not to say that this same experience might happen to you but I’ll share my thoughts. I’ve come to a realisation that sometimes people who you thought you knew aren’t who they truly are. When different viewpoints clash and miscommunication between parties occur (and don’t really help the situation). Although attempts try to mend the rift are made, most of the time it is already too late and judgements have been made. And once people have decided on something it is hard to change their stance. People are stubborn and unless there is factual evidence that can sway their thoughts, most of the time nothing will change. That’s the sad part. When the people who are important to you and stuck by you through thick and thin aren’t there for you anymore. Down the track maybe we will cross paths again and laugh about the how silly we were but for now… au revoir.


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