What Skincare To Pack When Travelling?

I recently went on a short trip to Melbourne, Australia travelling with only a carry-on luggage. I had to minimise what I bought with me so that I could have more space for my purchases there. To help with this, I made sure that the majority of my skincare and makeup fit into a certain sized bag, and that everything else could be packed in a small pouch.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelow are my essentials for not over packing your skincare.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cleanser: Your beautiful faces need to be clean. Especially after a flight, where you’re stuck with the same bacteria and germs for a period in time. (Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser)

Eye Cream: Underneath your eyes (where your dark circles are) show the signs of ageing the most so slap on some eye cream day and night. Always choose a hydrating formula so that they don’t get dry and flake underneath makeup. (Origin’s Ginzing Eye Cream)

Moisturiser or Moisturising Primer: Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. Morning and night! If you want to be sneaky bring along a moisturiser that can double as a primer. (Etude House Conditioning Cream)

Makeup Remover: I always use a oil based makeup remover but because it can get messy on a plane, I opted to try out the solid version of my favourite oil remover. If you are fine with wipes, you can use that too! With whatever option you choose, remember to double cleanse to ensure there is no residue from the makeup remover. Makeup residue can cause breakouts so becareful. (The Body Shop’s Camomile Solid Cleansing Oil)

Masks: I love clay masks! But instead of bringing with me a whole tub, I bought along with me sample sachets. They’re quick, easy and messy free! (Aesop’s Camomile Mask)

Take this opportunity to bring along any travel-sized products to save on room or even bring along samples.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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    1. Thanks Helen! Origins hasn’t failed me so far, all their products have been great. Aesop is the go to for clay masks – they are my favourite 🙂 xx Melanie

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