Korean Beauty Haul #2 (ft. KoreanBuddy)

I recently had the urge to purchase new skincare as the products in my current routine are pretty much almost empty. I had a list of products and recommendations from friends and beauty gurus that I was eager to try out. The only issue now was where to buy from?

Korean Buddy Shopping Service

Korean Buddy is a lifesaver, especially if you are a fan of korean beauty, music or just anything in general – even food! Ever felt as though you really wanted a product but it wasn’t available to ship internationally? Or ship with ridiculous prices? Korean Buddy is the solution!

It’s a really easy as well! Simply browse any korean website (with the google translate or follow the Korean Buddy tutorials). Pick what you want from the products offered. Send the list with URLs to Korean Buddy and they’ll simply do the rest for you! You get billed twice – once for when the KB team finds the products you want (product payment) and another when the products are received by the KB team ready to be shipped out to you (shipping payment + KB handling fee).

What I love about Korean Buddy is the constant communication from the KB team. They update you on the progress of your order all the time which is always appreciated. KB also try to find the cheapest prices for you which is really handy for beauty products. Who doesn’t like to save a few extra dollars here and there? Speaking of saving – Korean Buddy also offer different shipping options from EMS to no tracking options. So if you’re not particularly in a rush there are other /cheaper/ options to consider. They can even buy concert tickets or snacks too!


Their process can be summed up in the picture above from their website. Easy peasy!

Now onto the haul..

Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Gel


Tony Moly’s Get It Tint (Pokemon Collection)


I’ve been a roll lately! Trying out different lip tints. So, when Tony Moly released their Pokemon collection I couldn’t resist! Look how cute Pikachu is on the bottle! Eeeek! Ok, calm down Mel. To find another excuse – I haven’t tried a red tint before, I’ve only tried pinks and oranges which never really work out on my medium skin tone. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As you can see it applies with a stiff doe-foot applicator which is great! None of the flimsy soft applicators that always end up breaking or ruining your lips because they move around too much. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s a quick swatch of it. It’s a bright red colour with a bit of an orange hue, thankfully it’s not overpowering. I expected something a bit darker but I’ll work with it.

Paparecipe’s Bombee Honey Mask


I bought this product because it is one of the TOP 10 sheet korean sheet masks. I am usually iffy about scents so I thought the honey smell would be bearable if it ends up being super strong. Meejmuse; a korean beauty guru also recommended this product so I thought “why not? let’s give this a try”.

I have a tonne of the My Beauty Diary masks but they didn’t do very much for my skin and they also have a lot of essence making it hard to handle as well as make a mess. So, when I heard that these aren’t dripping with essence – it gave me even more reason to try them.

The Face Shop’s Mono Pop Lips & Eyes Palette (Disney Collection)


Also another Meejmuse product! I was watching one of her hauls and this palette came up. It was a few weeks before I went on my short sydney trip. So, I thought it would be good to have eyeshadow and lips in the same palette. It would be super convenient for travel especially as a space saver. Now that I think about it, there should have been something to cover the lip products from any eyeshadow fallout. Whoops.


As you can see, the colours a super natural and brown toned perfect for everyday. There is also a darker brown which can deepen up the look for night time. I’ve just swatched the eyeshadows as I was typing this and they’re decently pigmented. The third eyeshadow from the left is actually almost an orange while the one to the right of it is a true cool toned gold. For the lippies, the only decent lip colour would be the red (6th from left), the other two are really sheer and once swatched look really similar. It should be okay, one good lip colour is better than 3 dud colours.

It’s Skin’s Prestige BN Gold Eye Patches


I’m on a quest to work on reducing my dark circles and eye bags. I have really bad dark circles and they’re also uneven. One eye is darker than the other. Sighs. I’ve heard really good things from these patches so hopefully they do something to help my under eye area.

DearPacker’s Alaska Glacier Soothing Pack (Miffy Collection)


I don’t really need another mask pack. I have so many already but basically I was sucked into buying it because of the packaging. It’s so cute!. It doesn’t help that blue is my favourite colour either.

Too Cool For School’s Egg Remedy Hair Pack


My hair is in need of some help. I have ash blonde hair (dyed from black to brown ombre on asian hair) which has been ongoing for the past 8 months or so now. My hair is starting to frizz out like crazy so I need help to keep it sleek and shiny and not frizzy. Hopefully this helps!

Now onto the best part of the haul – samples!


You’ve made it to the end of this photo and text heavy haul post!

I’ve got a coupon code for all my peek a boo stranger readers for Korean Buddy! Use the code ‘PEEKABOO’ to get 50% off the KB handling fee! For my particular order that would be a saving of pretty much $5 USD! 

Comment down below what products you want to be updated on.

Until next time,

Melanie xx

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